To fix or to purchase a new car; which is better? Well, it depends. Generally, it’s always less expensive to fix a car than to replace it. There are instances where the latter may prove to be a more sensible decision. We’ll briefly discuss the two scenarios below to aid in your decision making.

When to Repair
Fixing your car is a better option if the problem is minor and doesn’t require much money. Even if you have a major problem such as a blown-up gasket, the amount it costs to repair the car is less than the cost of buying a new one. Applying for a same day payday loan will help rectify the situation quick.

Repairing your old car would also be cheaper because aside from the actual cost of the car, buying a new one comes with additional registration and insurance costs.

There are instances where replacing your car would be a much better idea especially were the cost of repairs are more than half the value of the vehicle. Purchasing a new car is also worth considering if the need for repairs becomes too frequent.

Ultimately the decision is yours. But make sure you make a decision that ensures you don’t waste money or put your safety at risk.

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