Located in the heart of downtown Venice, in the historic 1920s San Marco building, Voila! Petite Fine Art Gallery is a charming and intimate gallery space featuring the modern works of Resident Artist, Melissa Erlenbach, as well as guest artists and craftspeople. Look forward to upcoming pop-up events at Voila! Gallery in February, March and April 2022.

“Every artist has a personal philosophy that guides her work,” states Melissa. She loves and creates art that stimulates thought and opens up a conversation. A title starts the conversation, allowing viewers to layer their own memories and meanings onto the paintings. Her inspiration is drawn from the Modern Art Philosophy which emphasizes simplicity, intensity, and direct expression, and credits the artist/art philosopher, Robert Motherwell as having had the greatest influence on her work. ​”I awaken before dawn each morning, my head swirling with possibilities. I watch the day emerge as the sun rises outside my studio, then follow the muse. The process of visually diving into each image through its multiple layers of rich texture and depth is the sort of magic that compels me to come back to creating, day after day. My work has evolved over the years, but the drive to create, interpret, and share has never failed me.”

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Voila! Petite Fine Art Gallery
238 Tampa Avenue West Suite 21A
(941) 586-4616