Thank  you, GitChewSumBBQ, for joining Venice MainStreet! GitChewSum offers “Southern Style” barbecued chicken, pork, ribs and beef. Smoking premium, high-quality meats is their passion using the finest hardwoods and homemade rubs. One taste and you’ll want to “GitChewSum” more! Their customized catering packages can meet your needs and tastes, from weddings and showers, to corporate events and holiday get-togethers.

GitChewSum BBQ entered the world of Professional Competitive BBQ in 2014, competing primarily in the FBS (Florida Barbecue Association), but also KCBS (Kansa Barbecue Society). In just a few seasons, they received a number of awards: 2 Grand Champions, 3 reserved Grand Champions, multiple top 5 and top 10 finishes, and placed in the top 5 overall once and top 10 overall twice and invited to the American Royal twice.

It all started in our hometown Venice, Florida doing what we love the best: cooking BBQ on an old school homemade stick burner made from a propane tank. Allen was working at an industrial company and had noticed that when he brought in meals for his team, they quickly grew tired of “pizza Fridays.” So, he starting treating the team with BBQ, and it grew from there.

Feedback was incredibly positive and demand overwhelming, so he and his wife, Lindsay, kicked it up a notch and started GitChewSum Barbecue, LLC in 2013. Since then we’ve catered events with 75 people to some with over 1,400 guests. In 2012 we built a custom mobile smoker that is joined with a self contained trailer that’s always ready to hit the road for the next big event. We take a tremendous amount of pride in what we do. It doesn’t matter how big or small the event – all of our products are treated with same level of attention to detail and are of high quality.

Our kids are even in on the action now with our 10-year-old son, A.J. creating his own specialty rubs and taking parts in children’s barbeque competitions. We feel that we have the best down home southern style BBQ that you’re going to find and have supporting reviews… So what are you waiting, give us a call today and “Git-Chew-Sum”! – Allen & Lindsay