Florez Martial Arts Academy offers a complete curriculum in Hapkido Martial Arts for adults and children. Hapkido translates as “The Way of Harmonizing the Energy”, redirecting any attack and using the entire body for join control. Hapkido originated in Korea and is one of worlds most powerful, useful and unique Martial Arts ever in modern history. It was developed during Silla dynasty (B.C. 57 – A.D. 935) before the dynasty united the three kingdoms in the Korean peninsula.

Instructor Miguel Florez currently holds in Hapkido a Sabom-nim rank having over 16 years of comprehensive experience in Sinmoo Hapkido Ryong Moo Kwan and weapons as a direct student from Sabomnim In W. Kim. Sabom Florez has been practicing Hapkido since 2005. In addition to Hapkido, Sabom Florez is also versed in Okinawan Karate Goju Ryu in which he has been practicing since 1986.

Florez Martial Arts Academy
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