Venice MainStreet is excited to introduce one of our new partners, Butterfly Family Chiropractic. As a teenager, after being involved in a car accident, Joe Indelicato visited a chiropractor. He left the office pain-free and with a new career ambition. He wanted to be a Chiropractor! “It worked wonders for me and I developed a passion for natural healing,” Dr. Indelicato said. “So, I wanted to continue with that passion and use it to help others.” Dr. Indelicato and his wife, Elyse, recently brought their 30-plus year practice to Venice with the opening of Butterfly Family Chiropractic Center in April.

After graduating from New York Chiropractic in 1984 and opening his practice that same year, Dr. Indelicato moved to Florida in 2014 and opened the practice in Nokomis. The new location in Venice, which is on East Venice Ave and includes a parking lot behind the office, was attractive to the Indelicatos because of the neighborhood’s town feel. “Venice has such a great vibe and sense of community. We just love it!” says Elyse, who has run the business operations of the practice since it first opened.

Dr. Indelicato utilizes Activator technique, which he describes as an extremely gentle and specific approach to treating pain. Additional services include applied kinesiology, therapy, nutrition and exercise. During his career, Dr. Indelicato has treated children, families, athletes in high school, college and the pros. He now hopes to help the residents of Venice just as his chiropractor once helped him. Dr Joe says “It’s important to treat every patient as an individual. Each patient presents with different needs and health history, hence each requires their own customized treatment, wellness plan and protocol.”

Butterfly Family Chiropractic is located at 645 East Venice Ave., 941 484-0008.