Why did you fall in love with Venice?  Was it the way the city “felt” when you walked around?  I know I did. I loved the quaint buildings, the wide streets with medians filled with trees, shrubs, and flowers.  The buildings were different than the strip malls where I came from.  Did you know many of the buildings were built in 1926?  Many of our buildings are on the National Register of Historic Places, along with the entire downtown Plan!  Yes, downtown Venice is on the National Register of Historic Places – one of only 3 cities with that recognition – along with Savannah, GA, and Washington D.C.

Ok, so the City is historic – and old (at least   by Florida standards).  But it is more than that – it has that magical feel of a town where you dreamed of living.  Did you know that the downtown we enjoy now was not always that way?  Back in the 1970’s and 1980’s, many of our downtown shops were vacant, and those still in business were tee shirt shops and tattoo parlors.  There were very few restaurants and clothing stores.  That was when a group of concerned folks started Venice MainStreet, an organization devoted to building up the economic vitality of downtown.  Now, over 30 years later, we have helped shape downtown Venice to what it is today.

Venice is:
Vibrant – With its wide range of shops, restaurants, and businesses, all within walking distance of a beautiful beach on the Gulf of Mexico. Not many downtowns can offer that.

Beautiful- Parks abound within the historic district and around the city. John Nolen, the renowned city planner of his era, wanted a park within walking distance of all residents.  We have over 30 parks to enjoy.

Walkable – The sidewalks are wide, walkers stroll in front of store fronts and meander in and shop.  The buildings are 3 stories tall, not like walking in the canyons of other towns.  The entire downtown district is 9 blocks.  In fact, our city with its distinguished heritage is becoming the city plan of the future, called New Urbanism.

Enjoy the:
Lifestyle – This city has a group of very engaged volunteers. We have a vested interest in its future and we help to get things done. We helped create the iconic Venice gateway arch, design the Children’s Intergenerational Fountain in Centennial Park, and we sponsor events and music.  We help make this city what it is – now and in the future – by remembering our past.

However, we cannot do it alone.  We need volunteers, and you can become Community Partners of Venice MainStreet.  By joining, you will hear about our plans and upcoming events.  You can participate and become engaged in the community.  The annual cost is $35 for an individual member and $50 for a family membership.
You can also support Venice MainStreet by purchasing the 30th Annual Downtown Venice Art Festival poster for only $20 or by designating a brick in a loved one’s honor to be placed around the Intergenerational Fountain for $100.  All proceeds benefit Venice MainStreet.

Please join now and help keep Venice the town you fell in love with.  I did…

Venice MainStreet contact information:
Website:  www.VisitVeniceFL.org
Tel #: (941) 484-6722