For many nonprofits in our area, the summer months are slow and lonely. For our organizations, including Venice MainStreet, the COVID-19 virus certainly pushed us into slower summer months earlier than expected. Venice MainStreet did not have the opportunity to say goodbye to many of its volunteers and did not host the annual volunteer appreciation celebration in late April to recognize the immense contributions and efforts our volunteers provide to the community through their service to Venice MainStreet.

We wanted to take the time to recognize these outstanding individuals and thank them for all they do throughout the year to lend assistance to Venice MainStreet and to help our wonderful town. Our volunteers donate their time providing information at the Centennial Park Kiosk in historic Downtown Venice, walking throughout the district as a downtown ambassador (Downtowner), special event support, committee work, administrative support, research and writing, plus our board of directors’ leadership.

Please take a moment, read these names, and know that these people truly care about the town that we live in and work to make it a better place. If you happen to see a name of a friend, take a moment to call or write and let them know you appreciate their service too! For more information about joining VMS or our volunteer program visit our website at

Geraldine Abraham
Raymond Abraham
Alan Adams
Lee Anderson
Barbara Bartz
Maria Baskin
Von Bear
John Birkinbine
Sarah Birkinbine
Terry Brennan
Lois Brickley
Rose Bridges
Andy Britton
Colleen Brown
Marie Buchanan
Deanna Burke
Betty Burkett
Terri Candida
Elise Carey
Patrick Carney
Viviane Chastain
Paula Chew
Mary Clark
Kevin Collins
Joe Colonnese
Pat Colonnese
Tobe Cookingham
Tom Cookingham
Linda Costanzo
Jane Coyne
Kathy Crisman
Deborah Currie
Raymond Czapiga
Alyssa Dalton
Marty Damon
Jerri DeKriek
Heidi DeMali
Sandra DiPentima
Tom Doherty
Dean Draper
Donna Draper
Lillian Duvall
Mary Eichenauer
Margo Emmons
Syd Emmons
Jennifer Endsley
Joan Evans
Barbara Feltquate
Ronnie Fernandez
Arlene Ferrick
Mitzi Fiedler
Roberta Fine
Lorraine Finizio
Nick Flerlage
Joe & Marilyn Fogerty
Joan Gardner
Hank Gesek
Jane Gilligan
Dee Glatz
Jane Goodman
Jeannie Gomes
Tom Gordon
Mike & Addy Griffith
Cleora Grossi
Jo Gruenwald
Sheila Haase
Dick Hale
Heather Hansen
Claire Harrison
Susan Hartrick
Barbara Hassell
John Hassell
Donna Hastings
Lara Hauswirth
Jan Hitt
Bonnie Hobgood
Kipper House
Jim Ingham
Larry Ivey
Tracy Ivey
Sonja Jordan-Mowery
Samuel King
Eileen Kocher
Virginia LaPlante
Carol Lehrman
Maria Leonardo
Cindy Lodge
Jim Lorenz
Renee MacDonald
Jane Madden
Debbie Mahle
Katie Malloy
Kathleen Malvaso
Marte Markwell
Cindy Marovich
Elaine Martone
Tony Martone
Pat Mazzola
Colleen McCrudden
Patricia McDermott
Poppy McDonald
Art & Doris McManus
Debbie Meola
Kay Montambo
Rod Nafziger
Linda Nelson
Ambrose Nolan
Janet Oberholtzer
Conway Otis
Carlene Painter
Nancy Parzych
Brad Patton
Scott Phillips
Kathleen Pickering
Shirley Pollack
Blair Post
Gaylen Pugh
Joyce Puglio
Mark Rawlinson
Sheila Reardon
Jerry Rehert
Lynn Remo
Audrey Riggs
Bob Roger
Jessica Rumschlag
Michael Santaspirt
Carol Sbabo
Melinda Schell
Patsy Scuzzo
Leah Sherman
Verna Silk
Sharon Silvers
Bette Simmons
Meryl Sonsini
Debbie Sugden
Clair Sullivan
Betty Symonds
Joan Thomas
Gail Thompson
Harry Thompson
Marilu Thornburgh
Jean Trammell
Dave & Ann Trexler
Linda Vaughn
Bob Vedder
Pam Vernon
Barbara Vitali
Mary Vlismas
Tom Voigt
Tony Weaver
Bill Willson
Chris Wilson
Christine Wilson
Dee Wright
John Worrall
Shirley Yawn
Jan Young
Susie Zavodnyik