The City of Venice has hired Chronicle Heritage to conduct a historic structures survey of the Gulf View Section of Venice. 

As part of being in the Certified Local Government Program (CLG), the City is required to regularly survey areas in Venice that may hold historically significant structures. It has been almost 40 years since the City has had any professional survey work performed. Chronicle Heritage, with offices in Tampa, will be in Venice over the next couple of weeks to conduct field work on the Gulf View Section. This area basically encompasses downtown and the area northwest of downtown. (See map.) Beginning this week, field workers will be canvassing the streets, documenting and photographing buildings constructed prior to 1960 as part of their field work.

Once completed, the final survey report will provide the City’s Historical Resources Division and the Historic and Architectural Preservation Board with updated information on which historic structures remain since the previous survey, as well as provide information on more modern historic structures. The report will also provide guidance on identifying historic resources that may be eligible for both the Local Register of Historic Resources and the National Register of Historic Places.

“Thanks to the support and interest of City Council, we have been able to get a start on this survey work prior to being eligible for state grants through the CLG program,” said Historical Resources Manager Harry Klinkhamer. “This is a big first step in understanding what historic structures we have here in Venice.”

Information and map provided by City of Venice