We have exciting news to share! Venice MainStreet will launch an online marketplace, ShopVeniceFL.com, in 2023 to support local business and nonprofit partners, which will become the featured vendors on the platform. Present and future business interruptions will have less of an impact on revenue if businesses and nonprofits can have a second revenue stream through online sales. Compared to other e-commerce websites, the Marketplace will distinguish itself by being a fun, creative, dynamic, experiential retail platform.

The Marketplace will help our business and nonprofit partners sell their products, services and experiences globally at any time. It will help reduce vulnerability during challenging times that traditionally impact brick-and-mortar locations. The Marketplace will bolster their income through online sales, while at the same time helping to boost the revenue for Venice MainStreet Inc. as an earned income initiative for our nonprofit organization. Venice MainStreet will monetize the Marketplace to maximize its financial return, while offering meaningful value to our featured vendors and bringing economic vitality to Downtown Venice in support of our mission.

Additionally, consumers will benefit from the Marketplace. Currently, they have to seek out individual retail and nonprofit websites that tend to offer only a limited selection of products. With the Marketplace, consumers will have one-stop, online shopping for Venice-related products, services and experiences. The Marketplace will also cater to those consumers who specifically want to support locally made Venice products or services. It will streamline the process for finding and purchasing these goods.

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