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    Urban chic ladies clothing for smart, stylish and sophisticated women. ​Our line is conceptual yet essential, practical, flattering and unique. A clash between high end fashion and pop culture: a celebration of personal expression. Our designs will show you a different way of creating a wardrobe that allows you to use the clothes you already have, mix them with future purchases and create a visual outfit guide for the season. We are a small family business able to communicate effectively with each other, expressing each other’s feelings and ideas openly and clearly with an attitude of acceptance of differences. That’s the secret of our success and our long and strong presence in the fashion business in New York since 2003. Totally on the cutting edge, our pieces are for women with courage and freedom, keeping in mind the neccessities of the modern woman.We utilize refashioning techniques based in Fashion Feng Shui principles: image, self- esteem and look. Fashion Feng Shui is the new holistic approach to fashion that considers clothing your most intimate environment. With this in mind, we help you choose the best piece according to your personality , style and intentions based in the ancient art of placement. We apply the same principles as Feng Shui and the same elements based in Feng Shui to describe your style.









































































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