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The Venice Art Walk by Leah Sherman

The Venice Art Walk, birthed in Collectors’ Gallery and Framery in downtown Venice, began a third successful season on January 5th according to Leah Sherman, proprietor of Collectors’ Gallery & Framery. Sherman attributes the success of the Venice Art Walk to the...

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The Story Behind the Brush by Heidi Reslow

The walls of An Original Hitt, Fine Art and Atelier, literally paint the story of nationally acclaimed artist, Karen Ann Hitt.  Referred to as her Miracle Studio, it is indeed a working studio.  Her door signage reads, If not in, gone painting.  If she and her husband...

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The Gift of Time, for Yourself by Heidi Reslow

All the money in the world cannot buy one more day on this great Earth of ours. And only You can take care of You. So now is the time for you to pay attention to your body from head to toe. Now is the time to discover your unique body type and how you were created to...

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The Sweat-Hogs or Team KVB by Maria Baskin

The Sweat-Hogs or Team KVB by Maria Baskin Team Keep Venice Beautiful (KVB) is an offshoot of Venice Area Beautification, Inc. (VABI).  Team KVB is a diversified group of 33 men and women of all ages who come from different professional backgrounds.  KVB’s goal is not...

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Fun Things To Do in Venice

Venice is a unique small town.  Known as the “City on the Gulf,” it is a destination whereyou can indulge your senses and pamper your soul.  When you meander the Avenues of Miami, Venice and Tampa and take in the sights and sounds of children playing in the...

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Lovin’ Our Locals: Wine Walk!

During Season, downtown loves its visitors, but on Thursday, August 17 we will take the time to thank our locals for supporting us all year long. In recent months, it is refreshing and exciting to see many new boutiques and restaurants opening up on Tampa, Venice and...

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