Scarlet Macaw Resort Wear is a women’s clothing boutique as colorful and unique as the exotic bird after which it is named. Located in downtown Venice since 1993, it offers one-of-a-kind, hand painted sweaters and shirts created locally, besides also carrying name-brand fashions and jewelry. If you want to support local business, it doesn’t get any more local than Scarlet Macaw! Located at 225 W. Venice Avenue; 941-483-3500; open Monday-Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.;

Venice MainStreet interview with Simone Killoren, Artist and Store Manager for Scarlet Macaw:

What do you enjoy about being located in Venice’s historic downtown?
SK: Being in downtown Venice is great because we get to spend time with so many different types of people. We enjoy helping the visitors who stop by for a day, as well as forming relationships with people we’ve seen regularly over the years. It is a beautiful downtown area and we are really proud and honored to have been here almost 30 years!

Who are the local artists who hand paint your art wear?
SK: We have three main artists who paint for us: MoMo, JMP and Peg. I am Simone “MoMo” Killoren, the store manager, and currently do most of our artwork. Jean “JMP” Ploss started out as our stock person but once we saw her artistic abilities, she transitioned over to painting. Peg Matsko, the owner of Scarlet Macaw, loves making big, creative messes whenever she can. We also carry an artist named Victoria who is based out of Bonita Springs, Florida.

What inspires your designs?
SK: Everything! We have sweaters with dogs, bird of paradise, dragonflies, anchors, and so much more. Sometimes I will walk past a flower in bloom and think, “That would look so cute on a sweater!” The following week—there it is! We try to make the sweaters bright and unique since you cannot get them anywhere else (our three main artists only paint for us). For visitors, our designs are often purchased in order to make everyone back home jealous!

What makes Scarlet Macaw a unique shopping destination?
SK: While our hand painted sweaters and shirts are unique to our store, our customer service is really what we are known for. We treat every customer with respect and excitement and truly look forward to helping people look great. You can go anywhere and pick out a shirt, but Scarlet Macaw offers the experience of excellent service and product knowledge so that you leave feeling happy about how you look in your new clothes.