Welcome new MainStreet Business Partner Kris Janovitz Photographer!

Kris Janovitz, a portrait photographer, currently splitting time between Atlanta and the Sarasota/Venice area, specializes in branding and headshots for business owners and entrepreneurs. Her online gallery, showcasing headshots, celebrations, teams, corporate, individual, and family portraits—illustrates what hair, makeup, lighting, and posing in a professional setting can do for your portraits. As an extroverted extrovert Kris loves working with people from all walks of life. She has a knack for putting people at ease in front of the camera and promises to make every photo session a fun event that will leave you with the most authentic portraits you’ve seen of yourself.

Check out Kris Janovitz’s fabulous headshots at www.sarasota-photographer.com and contact her at 770-570-9661, info@krisjanovitz.com to find out more about her Headshots and Branding Sessions.