Hurricanes are usually known for their powers of destruction, but the opposite happened for Judy Braham when the Hurricane Expo blew into Venice last year. Her company, Gulfcoast Marketing Consultants, was created as a result of her work coordinating this first-time event.

The city of Venice had been providing hurricane preparedness information for over 30 years at City Hall. In 2017, after outgrowing their space, they kicked it up a notch. Partnering with the Venice Gondolier Sun, they formed a Hurricane Expo and moved it to the Venice Community Center, where there would be room for hurricane-related speakers, seminars and vendors. But to go from idea to reality, they needed a coordinator.
With Judy Braham’s background as an office manager, marketing representative, and her profile as an active community volunteer, it’s no surprise that she was asked to bring her organizational skills and networking abilities to launch Venice’s first Hurricane Expo.

   It all began when Judy sent a note to Tim Smolarick, publisher at the time of the Venice Gondolier Sun, commenting on a column he had written. He responded with, “Can you come in? I think I have a job for you.” Soon she was attending every marketing event around, spreading the word about the upcoming Expo. In the spring of 2017 the expanded combination of products, services, and educational seminars proved to be a success.
The Hurricane Expo returns this year, with Judy again at the helm. It will be held at the Venice Community Center, Friday May 4th and Saturday May 5th, and admission is free. There will be speakers from Florida Power and Light and ABC 7 meteorologist Bob Harrigan, and information at the tables of the Sarasota County Emergency Management, Suncoast Humane Society, American Red Cross, and many more.
When Judy was organizing the Expo, she recognized a problem for local business owners. A proprietor might want to reach out to the public, but was unable to leave his place of business to participate in a two-day event. Judy realized she could take her two years of experience planning the Hurricane Expo and three years of marketing in the health care field and create her own company. Gulfcoast Marketing Consultants was formed to help small businesses with event planning, networking, and image consulting, and to free up the owners to continue business as usual.     As an example of the range of services Gulfcoast Marketing offers, Judy will soon be networking on behalf of chiropractors Dr. Dennis Rhodes and Dr. Andrew Tilka of Venice Health Institute, and she’s already begun planning the upcoming Sand and Surf Festival to be held at Venice Train Depot and Rollins W. Coakley Railroad Park on August 4th.

For more information about the Hurricane Expo, visit the Facebook page Hurricane Expo/Venice, FL
Also, check out Facebook Sand and Surf Festival.
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