Looking for a place to explore with lots to see? Take a stroll down charming Miami Avenue West. Just a block away from West Venice Avenue, this beautiful, historic downtown street is full of unique boutiques, cafes, restaurants and more. Hanging flower baskets and pots bring a splash of color, so grab a seat on one of the many park benches and take in the scenery.

In addition to shops and cafes, the professional services and diversity of businesses in this part of the historic district make Miami Avenue an important part of downtown. From medical, dental and optometry offices to tailors and co-working business space for lease, there’s much to discover.

The are plenty of free, on-street parking spaces, as well as parking lots. Head toward the iconic street clock tower for the largest parking area. Start your exploration of the avenue from charming Fountain Park, next to the 1920s Burgundy Square building at Nokomis and Miami avenues. Then head west all the way down to Harbor Drive; be sure to pass by the historic First Baptist Church, established in the 1930s.

There are several 1920s buildings on Miami Ave. Take a virtual (or in-person) historic walking tour at visitvenicefl.org/historic-walking-tour/ to learn more about our beautiful city. Don’t miss Miami Avenue East for its professional services and the island’s only hardware store. For an interactive map of downtown Venice CLICK HERE and for a directory of Venice MainStreet Partners, including those on Miami Avenue, CLICK HERE.