The Patterson Foundation Kickstarts Venice MainStreet’s Entrepreneurial Plan Fundraising with Up to $37,500 Match
Venice MainStreet is participating in Margin & Mission Ignition, an opportunity from The Patterson Foundation to strengthen mission impact through earned-income strategies.

The Patterson Foundation is strengthening Venice MainStreet’s effort to implement entrepreneurial strategies by matching up to $37,500 in startup and growth capital investments toward its new earned-income plan. Venice MainStreet is one of the regional nonprofit organizations currently participating in Margin & Mission Ignition, an opportunity presented by The Patterson Foundation that helps nonprofits develop and implement an earned-income plan to strengthen their impact in our community.

Nonprofits are selected to participate in Margin & Mission Ignition’s 30-month planning and implementation process after a months-long application period. No Margin, No Mission, a social enterprise and national consulting firm engaged by The Patterson Foundation, consults with the participating nonprofits on strategies and best practices to generate revenue throughout that process.

Venice MainStreet has established the firm understanding of the importance of an online presence and shopping across all types of markets, plus the effects of COVID-19 and other business interruptions. An online platform that addresses these needs has been proven to be essential. Venice MainStreet will work to bring the future to the present for its business and nonprofit partners through a marketplace shopping solution. Main Street America’s recent 2020 report- “The Impact of COVID-19 on Small Businesses” found 85% of consumers do research online for purchases. Businesses need to have an effective online strategy to increase brand awareness and grow. As with any business venture, the marketplace will provide Venice MainStreet with an additional source of income securing its future through difficult times as well.

“We identified a problem and we are offering a solution,” said Rod Nafziger, Chair of the Economic Vitality Committee. “As a former business owner in downtown Venice, I have seen the effects of red tide, hurricanes, and infrastructure changes that halted my ability to do business. I wish we had this solution five years ago, but today we are in a place to make a profound impact in our local community and truly help businesses survive the next interruption. The possibilities are endless for how this marketplace can be utilized, but it will start with a highly curated selection of products that speak to Venice and its charm.”

Venice MainStreet recently shared its earned-income plan with potential investors during a fast-pitch-style event presented by The Patterson Foundation. Donations and investments contributed to Venice MainStreet will be matched dollar for dollar by The Patterson Foundation up to 50 percent of its startup capital requirement – up to $37,500 maximum. Pledges, in-kind contributions and debt funding are not eligible to be matched.

“The earned-income plans developed by the organizations participating in Margin & Mission Ignition are the result of months of dedicated efforts to grow their entrepreneurial capacity,” said Debra Jacobs, president and CEO of The Patterson Foundation. “This dollar-for-dollar match is a way for The Patterson Foundation to applaud the progress they have made so far in their 30-month journey while catalyzing the investments necessary to bring their plans to life.”

About Venice MainStreet
Since 1987, Venice MainStreet Inc. has been committed to preserving and enhancing the character, beauty, and economic vitality of historic downtown Venice. To learn more about Venice MainStreet’s mission or contribute to its effort, please visit

About Margin & Mission Ignition
Margin & Mission Ignition is part of The Patterson Foundation’s Nonprofit Thrivability initiative. This initiative connects nonprofits with expertise and resources to learn concepts like strategic decision-making while adopting and implementing entrepreneurial principles to generate enough revenue to support and eventually grow their operations. For more information about Margin & Mission Ignition, please visit or join the conversation using #TPFMarginMission on social media.