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I created Cloud 9 to give back.  To give back to you and to offer you the beauty of bliss.  When I experience something in life that makes a difference; I want to share it.  I have been cultivating health and fitness in my life for quite some time.  I don’t do it for the vanity – I do it for the therapy.  

We all have stress in life and we all are needing healing inside out.  A lot of us turn to things or substances to help cure our stress and pain.  We have the ability to do this naturally and can come up with so many excuses why not to “try” or choose the path.

Personal Training is my Passion.  God’s Grace is the reason I’m here doing it and able to share it.
Yoga is what helped to ground my inner well being and caused my spirituality to blossom to where it is today.

I am blessed and grateful.  Life is too short my friends to not miss Life on Cloud 9

Namaste & God Bless,

Bronya Raisley, Owner

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Location: Venice, FL


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