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Our Mission

The Plantation Community Foundation is an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of South Sarasota County residents by supporting organizations involved in social services, health care, educational, environmental and cultural activities.

Why Join?

We are privileged to live in this community. As such, we are obliged to do our part to make our community better for everyone by giving something back … to “Make a Difference”.

The Foundation by-laws specify that grants may be approved for community and civic activities; cultural activities  and  events;  educational  and  scientific  activities; environmental activities; recreational, fitness and athletic activities; social and health services; youth and elder programs.

The money we raise builds our Grant Award Fund which is responsibly distributed to qualified, local charities who have applied for a grant. A 12-member Grant Committee meets from January through March to thoroughly review and recommend awards. This rigorous process insures that every dollar you invest in the Foundation is well spent to improve the quality of life here in a variety of ways.

Please accept the challenge to make South Sarasota County a better place.

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