Venice Presbyterian Church

USA · FL · Venice 825 The Rialto



We want the church to feel like a home for people. But God never intended a church campus to be a destination, but a place of gathering, equipping, and sending. The real measure of a church is not what happens on Sundays, or what happens on the church campus during the week - but what happens in and through the life of the church members in our daily lives.

We believe the church is an equipping station, and are committed to sending our members as missionaries into our homes, neighborhoods, local community, and around the world. We share compassion in Jesus' name so that all will know that He is Lord and embrace the fullness of life Jesus offers.

As a church in Southwest Florida with many seasonal residents, we recognize the unique opportunity we have as an "outpost" church where believers can be refreshed and equipped before being sent to other churches and communities.