Made In Italy

117 West Venice Avenue, Venice, FL


 At Made In Italy we take pride in delivering a complete dining experience. We take the time to make our own homemade pastas and bake our own bread on a daily basis….. Mama wouldn’t accept anything less. We believe in “keeping-it-fresh” is what makes our food one-of-a-kind and will make you feel like you've stepped into a piece of Italy. Our family-style restaurant serves hand-crafted cocktails, wood-fire pizza, and Italian cuisine as it was meant to be. The pizza al metro (by the yard) concept is popular in Europe but I haven’t seen it on this side of the ocean. Basically, you get a metre (yard) of pizza that can serve up to four or five people. It can be made into many different combinations. This way everyone can sample a bite of each.

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Location: Venice, FL


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